Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

Yes! Please call us at 319-851-2161 to speak with an employee who will help take your order and tell you what days we have available. Calling several days ahead is always a good idea, especially early in the season.

Do I need to pay today?

No, we will put a credit card on hold when we take the order and charge you after the delivery is complete. You may also pay via check for the exact amount due to our delivery driver at the time of delivery.

What time will your driver deliver the material?

It varies. Multiple deliveries are scheduled each day to various locations. We cannot guarantee a specific time but can note a morning or afternoon preference for our driver.

What type of vehicle do you bring the material in?

  • A single-axle dump truck is used for bulk material deliveries.
  • A 10-foot overhead and width clearance are needed in the area material is being dumped.

I would like the material in my backyard, will you drive across the lawn?

  • It is always up to the discretion of our driver when they arrive at the delivery address.
  • If the customer is NOT present at the time of delivery, bulk material will be dumped with our vehicle tires remaining on a hard surface (driveway, street, etc.). No exceptions.

Where will the material be dumped?

  • Our policy is to dump material at the end of the customer's driveway off to one side.
  • If we can keep our vehicle's tires on a hard surface while dumping, we do not mind dumping in other places.

Should I put anything down for the material to be dumped on?

  • We recommend placing cardboard or plywood on concrete if you are receiving large or oversized river rock.
  • Tarps can also be used if you are concerned about cleanup.

Helpful Information

1 cu. yd. is 3′ x 3′ x 3′ (2 skid loader buckets full or 9 wheelbarrows)

1 cu. yd. covers:

325 sq. ft - 1" deep
162 sq. ft. - 2" deep
108 sq. ft - 3" deep
81 sq. ft - 4" deep
54 sq. ft. - 6" deep
40 sq. ft. - 8" deep
27 sq. ft. - 12" deep

Calculate Yardage

Take the length (feet) x width (feet) x depth (feet) divide by 27 = the cubic yards needed.

[For example, you have an area 6′ x 10′ x 0.25"(or 3") = 15 cubic ft divided by 27 = 0.55 cubic yards or 1 skid loader scoop.