You're in luck, we're hiring! We are looking for team players who can handle a fast paced work environment, tasks continually shift and no two days are the same. The hours may be long but the reward is high! Where else can you earn money and perfect your green-thumb hobby?

CRGC is looking to add to our amazing staff for the 2023 season and you or someone you know just might be the perfect fit!

A few perks of working for CRGC:
• Plants. Lots of plants
• Uniform = T-shirt and shorts
• Flexible work schedule
• Fun and energetic coworkers
• Working in the open air (ahhhhh....)
• Seasonal. March/April- October/November
• Constant learning
• Each day is different

Whether you are wanting a full-time position or are only interested in working a few hours to get out of the house, we want to meet you. Our staff ranges from high school students to retirement aged moms/dads and everyone in-between. Please read the descriptions of our open positions below and click on the link to our website to apply. If you or an acquaintance are needing a paper application, please call our office at 319-851-2161 and we will work with you to get you a paper copy.

Cash Register/Garden Center:
Many times, the first person seen by a customer at CRGC is someone in our cash register/garden center department. We strive to give our customers the best experience possible when coming into CRGC and welcome them like family. Bright smiling faces and happy personalities are what we look for when seeking help inside the garden center. Daily tasks include working directly with costumers face-to-face to answer questions, assist with bulk ordering, directing customers to departments for more in-depth questions, answering phones, cleaning, general clerical work, and much more. Things can get fast paced in the busy spring season so be prepared to be on your feet and buzzing like a bee your entire shift. Don't worry though, our garden center staff knows how to have a good time and are full of jokes, laughs, and Dr. Pepper.

Landscaping Crew:
CRGC offers landscaping services focusing on installation of plant material and hardscapes. We are seeking hardworking and reliable employees to be on our crew. You will be coordinating with our landscape designers daily and meeting customers at their homes during installation. Persons applying must be able to lift 50+ lbs. regularly and be comfortable with getting your hands dirty and down in the trenches, literally. Thankfully, we have a lot of hoses at CRGC to clean you off before you go home. Bonus: Our crew does not work weekends, yippee!

Our annual and perennial departments boast over 1,000 plant varieties. Daily tasks include watering, trimming, and overall maintenance of the plant material and holding areas. You will also be working with customers to answer questions they may have and assist them with finding plant material. No knowledge of annuals or perennials? That is OK! We have seasoned veteran staff to help you learn and expand your knowledge; it is amazing what you can learn in one day at CRGC. All we ask is for a smiling face and willingness to learn.

Bulk materials are in high demand in Eastern Iowa. Offering mulch, topsoil, sand, gravel, river rock and much more, CRGC is one of the few places that offers such a wide array of products at one location. Our yard crew does everything from loading trucks and trailers with the skid loader, weighing boulders using the forklift, to helping load bagged goods into customer vehicles. An employee in the yard will typically be outside for entire shifts and should be able to lift 50+ lbs. regularly. Equipment experience is not necessary but helpful to have.

Similar to our annual and perennial departments, trees and shrubs is a showstopper all on its own. Our variety is unparalleled, and we take great pride in that fact. Daily tasks will include watering, trimming, and maintaining plant material, loading plant material into customer vehicles, assisting customers face-to-face, and working directly with cash register staff to arrange plantings. Our tree and shrub employees also assist in the yard occasionally and with maintenance on garden center property such as perennial bed maintenance and upkeep. No previous experience is necessary and as mentioned above, our veteran staff is happy to help increase your knowledge of trees and shrubs offered here at CRGC or at least introduce you to a wide array of music to jam out to while working.