New Arrivals

New Arrivals:


  • Balloon Flowers
  • Phlox
  • Asters
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Echinacea
  • Grasses
  • Coneflowers
  •    Pow Wow Wildberry
  •    Cheyenne Sky
  • Rudibeckia
  • Sedum


  • Maples
  • Tulip Trees
  • Hydrangeas – many varieties and new to us is Mystical Flame
  • Hydrangea Trees
  • Ninebarks
  • Weigelia
  • Paint the Town Rose

Enjoy the sneak preview of Screaming Neon Red Rose.  It was supposed to be released in 2015, but the grower has delivered it early for you to enjoy.DSCN3074

Sales August 18-24, 2014

20% OFF: Justin says he wants you to enjoy beautiful color from very shapely trees, so he’s putting the Oaks on sale. Oak trees web And look at this beautiful Serviceberry – you can have incredible color and texture for every season.Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry web Loretta has some great Hostas to fill your gardens as well as ferns.Hostas web Ferns web JoAnn has made the sacrifice – she is ready to sell arbors and trellises at 20% off.Trellis Arbor Wall Art web

 Additional Sales:
  • Redbuds – 20%
  • Canvas Artwork – 40%
  • Fruit Trees – 40%
  • Wall planters – 50%
  • Peonies – 50%
  • Small Fruits – 50%
  • Firepots – 50%
  • 1 gallon shrubs – $9.99

Sales August 11 – 17, 2014

Justin is saying these beautiful weeping tree varieties need to be in the ground soon – so he’s offering you 20% off the original price.Weeping trees web Loretta has a gorgeous display of Baptisia.Baptisia webDiane has barberry planted in her garden and loves it because of the variety of color and texture throughout the season.

Barberry webLilies are always showing off their beauty.  Now is the time to purchase plants for beautiful returning color every year.
Lilies webJoAnn continues to have pottery on sale.  Pottery web

FirepotKen & JoAnn have been cleaning and sorting through gifts and yard materials. There are things they say need to be sold at surprise discounts to make room for 2015 merchandise. Some of the select items are garden stakes @ 60%; LED lanterns @ 30%; pottery 40-60%; bullet edgers 4/$1.00; miscellaneous rock.  Come on out and see what you may find for your gardening and landscaping needs.

We have a good supply of cold crop bulk seeds available for your gardening enjoyment.  Since our average frost date is October 15, you can still plant the following:
Crop Plant by Date
Arugula August 20
Kohlrabi  August 15
Lettuce  August 20
Radish Sept 15
Spinach  August 20

Ways to be more water efficient
We don’t have water restrictions in Iowa, but if we can help conserve water it will be beneficial for all of us in the future.  California has implemented water conservation regulations. We can follow similar guidelines:

  • Water early in the morning helps reduce evaporation, as well as plant disease and water damage.
  • Mulch – 2-3″ saves hundreds of gallons every year.
  • Water deeper, but less often
  • Use trigger sprayers when hand watering. Trigger sprayers help ensure that water is not wasted while watering gardens.
  • Minimize water loss in plants – use water-retentive potting soils in all container gardens.
  • Add compost to soil – it decreases the amount of water needed.
  • Use organic fertilizers. These fertilizers slowly release nutrients into the soil at a natural rate that matches a plant’s needs, so plants need less water when fed organically.

Sales August 4 – 10, 2014

20% OFF:  Pottery, Redbud Trees, Viburnum, Perennial Vines & Thrift as well as pots $5.99 and under.Pottery web

Redbud Trees web

Viburnum web

Vines web

thrift web



30% OFF – Peonies

40% OFF – Fruit Trees & Small Fruits

50% OFF – Fire Pots

1 gallon shrubs – $9.99

JoAnn is continuing to add pottery, garden stakes, solar lights and more to the discount corner as well.


Sales for July 28 – August 3, 2014

20% Sale on Perennials – Astilbe, Cranesbill Geraniums & $5.99 and under perennial containersASTILBE cranesbill geraniums

20% OFF – Shrubs:  Weigelia & Lilacs

Weigelia Lilacs

20% OFF – Gifts – Birdbaths

Birdbaths 20

30% OFF – Fruit Trees / Small Fruits & Peonies

1 Gallon shrubs $9.99

50% OFF – Firepots  (IDEA:  we have taken florist “frogs” and put them where the oil usually goes and made them into beautiful floral displays)


Golden Japanese Shrub Mint

golden japanese shrub mint webThis stunning selection of native Shrub Mint will brighten up a shady woodland garden. Bold and vibrant golden foliage on a sturdy, hardy clumping perennial. Soft yellow flower spikes appear in the fall when most perennials are fading. Ideally sited in shade, where foliage color is at its best. Very tolerant of heat and humidity. Provide well-drained soil with a moderate amount of organic matter. Follow a regular watering schedule the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Control slugs and snails as needed. Cut back to the ground in winter before new growth resumes.

Full to partial shade / needs regular watering weekly, or more often in extreme heat / grows 2-3 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide / dramatic foliage color / yellow flowers, late summer to fall / Fast growth rate.

Pre-Fourth of July Gardening Tips!


Asters Mums Sedum trim webIt is time to trim your Sedum, Asters and Mums.  If you want to prevent heavy blooms from falling over, you have until the Fourth of July to trim these beautiful plants so the plant can support these heavy, full blossom heads.
Use hand pruners or shears to cut the stems back halfway before July 4. Some gardeners prune just the outer ring of stems. They grow shorter and stiffer and act as a living support for the taller, unpruned, stems in the center. Plus, the pruned stems bloom a bit later extending the floral display. Pruning mums and asters will keep the plant compact, and you will be rewarded with loads of beautiful flowers on attractive plants.

For mums (as well as many other plants and shrubs), cutting off the top of a stem encourages the plant to grow two stems in its place, which will in turn create more flowers. A plant’s main goal in life is to reproduce. Sure, we find the flowers pretty, but to a plant, flowers are only a means to an end: to create seeds to reproduce.  So removing the mum’s buds doesn’t prevent it from flowering; it encourages it to produce more buds! Just be sure to prune your mums this week so there’s enough warm weather left for the new buds to form by fall.

In late fall, after your mums have bloomed, do not cut back their dried foliage. Leave it in place over the winter to provide a little extra protection for the roots. Cut it back in spring.

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