Golden Japanese Shrub Mint

golden japanese shrub mint webThis stunning selection of native Shrub Mint will brighten up a shady woodland garden. Bold and vibrant golden foliage on a sturdy, hardy clumping perennial. Soft yellow flower spikes appear in the fall when most perennials are fading. Ideally sited in shade, where foliage color is at its best. Very tolerant of heat and humidity. Provide well-drained soil with a moderate amount of organic matter. Follow a regular watering schedule the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Control slugs and snails as needed. Cut back to the ground in winter before new growth resumes.

Full to partial shade / needs regular watering weekly, or more often in extreme heat / grows 2-3 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide / dramatic foliage color / yellow flowers, late summer to fall / Fast growth rate.

Pre-Fourth of July Gardening Tips!


Asters Mums Sedum trim webIt is time to trim your Sedum, Asters and Mums.  If you want to prevent heavy blooms from falling over, you have until the Fourth of July to trim these beautiful plants so the plant can support these heavy, full blossom heads.
Use hand pruners or shears to cut the stems back halfway before July 4. Some gardeners prune just the outer ring of stems. They grow shorter and stiffer and act as a living support for the taller, unpruned, stems in the center. Plus, the pruned stems bloom a bit later extending the floral display. Pruning mums and asters will keep the plant compact, and you will be rewarded with loads of beautiful flowers on attractive plants.

For mums (as well as many other plants and shrubs), cutting off the top of a stem encourages the plant to grow two stems in its place, which will in turn create more flowers. A plant’s main goal in life is to reproduce. Sure, we find the flowers pretty, but to a plant, flowers are only a means to an end: to create seeds to reproduce.  So removing the mum’s buds doesn’t prevent it from flowering; it encourages it to produce more buds! Just be sure to prune your mums this week so there’s enough warm weather left for the new buds to form by fall.

In late fall, after your mums have bloomed, do not cut back their dried foliage. Leave it in place over the winter to provide a little extra protection for the roots. Cut it back in spring.

Peonies and Selected Pottery Sale

SUMMER BEGINS THIS WEEK and we go to shorter hours. We will be open Monday thru Friday 9:00 – 6:00; Saturday 9:00 – 5:00; and Sunday 10:00 – 4:00.

Gift Shop:
JoAnn has been rearranging the store and has found some incredible deals for you. She has select pottery and garden stakes at 30% off and more …  Since it is time for those backyard fires, we have some fun Solar-powered lightning bugs and dragonflies to decorate your yard.


We have received several shipments of roses, trees, shrubs and evergreens last week. We have an incredible selection for your landscaping needs. Some great choices are several varieties of Hydrangea Trees and the Autumn Gold Ginkgo.
Ginko Hydrangea TreeJune is Perennial Planting month and Loretta has filled the benches with incredible selections. Since the peonies are done blooming, Loretta has marked them at 20% off. The plants are beautiful and they will appreciate being in the ground to be fully established for incredible color next spring.

perennials peoniesAnnuals & Vegetables - We are giving you 20% off our hanging baskets and potted containers/planters so you can enjoy them this summer.  Tomato plants are 50% off.  Stop on out and see our exhibition vegetable gardens. Talk to our knowledgable staff, and they will give you great advice on caring for your gardens as well as ways to use the herbs and vegetables. 

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary – How Does Your Garden Grow?
Because we have had so much fun watching all the NEW GARDENERS this year as well as our veteran vegetable gardeners, we are pleased and excited to announce that we are publishing a new cookbook!


We would like you to submit your favorite recipes to be included in this cookbook. Submit as many recipes as you like, including Tips, Tricks and Ideas for gardening.  We anticipate having the book ready before Christmas, so don’t delay!!  Help us make this a GREAT COOKBOOK!

Here are the categories for your recipes:
Appetizers / Beverages / Dips
Breads / Rolls
Soups / Salads
Vegetables / Side Dishes
Cookies / Bars/ Candy
Desserts / Pies / Cakes
Meats / Main Dishes
Pickling / Canning / Preserving
Tips / Tricks / Ideas for Gardening


Use the attached form, enter into Word or a pdf document. Send, e-mail or drop them off:


Attn:  Recipes
Cedar River Garden Center
PO Box 259
2889 Palo Marsh Road
Palo, IA   52324
Thank you!


New Arrivals

We have received cart after cart of new annuals today. Three suppliers have stopped and delivered plants for your gardens and containers, so make sure you stop out while the selection is at its peak!20140514_082605_resized

Blairs Ferry Construction DETOUR

We are aware of construction on Blairs Ferry closing one lane so they can patch and repair the road. We have heard of long delays.
Please don’t let that keep you from heading this way.
We have a similar alternate route as we did last year when Blairs Ferry Road was closed.

To avoid most of Blairs Ferry – 

  •  take Center Point Road north to Tower Terrace Road (this has a 10 ton limit on the bridge over the interstate)
  •  Tower Terrace Road west to Feather Ridge
  •  Feather Ridge south to Blairs Ferry Road
  •  Turn right/west on Blairs Ferry.

This helps you avoid the one lane closing on Blairs Ferry between Wayside Circle and Miller Road.
If you are coming from the south or downtown area you can take F Avenue/Highway 94 northwest through Covington to Blairs Ferry Road. Turn right/East on Blairs Ferry Rd to Palo Marsh Road/First Street and we will be on the left.Blairs Ferry Const 20140001


Your Vision, Our Variety