We are now a retailer of KINGS MATERIALS.  We have a great selection of this Iowa-made landscaping materials. Currently we have added the following products:

Dakota Stone – Great for creating your own Backyard Paradise. The Dakota Stone products give you the flexibility to let your imagination run wild.  Its rustic tumbled appearance adds character to any outdoor living project. Dakota stone is excellent for landscape edging, firepit, benches, garden walls, pillars, outdoor kitchens and planters. (Dakota Stone block 4″H x 12″W x 8″D; Dakota Stone Tapered 4″H x 8″W/5.25″W x 8″D; Colors: Cedar, Granite, Harvest, Mountain, Walnut)Kings block displayKeystone Garden Wall – great for garden borders, flower beds, planters, tree rings, and straight or curved walls. Lightweight, easy to handle with a secure, interlocking design. Garden block has a quarried stone and its earth tone colors blend with any wall It is made of high-strength, low-absorption concrete to provide permanent, environmentaly safe walls that are virtually maintenance free. (4″H x 1″W x 9″D; Colors:  Grey, Taupe, Kingston, Harvest, Charcoal, Red)

Kings-Wall – great for permanent and maintenance free retaining wall system. (Type “B” Unit; 7″H x 15 5/8″W x 7 5/8″D; Colors:  Chocolate, Granite, Grey Harvest, Kingston, Taupe)
Kings WallTerrace Wall Block – Decorative, durable, dynamic wall block.
Terrace WallBullet edgers are great for tree rings, flower beds, gardens and Bullet edgers - Kings smwalkways. They work for straight lines, curves or serpentine layouts. (4″H x 12″W x 4″D; Colors-Harvest, Taupe, Chocolate, Charcoal, Grey, Red, Kingston)

We are selling the Kings Material at the same price as Kings does in their retail area, making it convenient to get block and edgers throughout the weekday or weekend. 

Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is Sunday.  We have great ideas for you:Nancy and her team have been planting, pruning, and lovingly caring for “their kids” since March. With their efforts we have incredible hanging baskets for your gardens. They are filled with an abundance of color and variety of plants for sun, partial sun and shade. They have restocked the greenhouses after our Open House, so come out and get things ready for your garden & landscaping needs.
annuals smCindy & Kay and their helpers have been starting over 35,000 vegetables from seed, carefully transplanting them once they have germinated and then potted them up so you have plants to start in your vegetable gardens.
veg sm
JoAnn has the Gift Store filled with unique and incredible gifts that are sure to please mom.  Our staff has been busy creating a variety of containers and pottery for Mother’s Day as well.  Dan has brought in Kings Materials block for some great backyard projects such as fire pits, benches and towers.
MD gifts smLoretta’s perennial benches are bursting with color for your gardens year after year. The dianthus/larkspur, honeysuckle, and lilies are really showing off. If you have containers you wish to have potted up or if you need some advice, our perennial experts are always ready to help you.
PERENNIALHeather, Justin, and the nursery staff have been busy ordering, preparing, and caring for a variety of trees, shrubs, roses, evergreens and fruit trees for your yards. If you see something somewhere and we don’t carry it, please ask us because it may be something we can order for you.
The yard is fully stocked with a variety of bagged goods, block, boulders and other materials. We are now carrying locally made – Kings Material Block.  If you have a pick up truck or trailer, stop in to our bulk materials – topsoil, river rock, road rock and mulch.  If you don’t have a way to carry it, please call us and we will schedule a delivery for you.

Gift Cards ALWAYS make a great gift!

Open House May 2-3, 2015

Open HouseStop by for a great selection of annuals, perennials, trees & shrubs as well as the gift store stocked to the max.  We will have drawings for prizes as well as free pop & popcorn. We look forward to having you stop out.

Early Bird Perennial Sale continues through Sunday April 26, 2015

Early Bird Perennial Sale continues through Sunday, April 26, 2015. ALL perennials (except small fruits) are 20% off. This year Loretta has several different varieties of Daylilies (Hemerocallis) from the Flower Power 500 line.  These flowers rebloom with over 500 flowers on a 3-year-old established plant. Cultivars include:  “Bakabana”, “Custard Candy”, “Daring Deception”, “Entrapment”, “Fooled Me”, “Irresistible Charm”, “Lacy Doily”, and “Night Whispers”. 

Slide2Some of the other perennials include these new arrivals:  “American Hero Hosta, Firn Line Hosta, Catherine Hosta, & Hosta of the Year – Victory Hosta.”  Also meet Mighty Phil Astilbe & Mighty Joe Astilbe.  More perennials arriving daily for the next two weeks so stop out while the selection is at its peak.

We are having fun with a new product for us – Air Plants (Tillandsia)

air plants

Air Plant (Tillandsias) Care – The three most important requirements are bright light, although not direct sun, good air circulation and water.

INDOOR / OUTDOOR CARE LIGHT: If your tillandsias are going to be in your home or office, care must be taken to provide enough light and correct moisture to maintain a healthy plant. A South, East or West window would be best. Early morning or late afternoon sun should be fine under more humid conditions. In hotter, dryer conditions more shade and water should be provided.

WATER: Indoor tillandsias should stay healthy with a watering schedule of 1 to 2 times a week. However, it may be necessary to water more often due to dryer, less humid air caused by air-conditioning or heating. Saturate the bromeliad completely until water runs off the plant – light misting is normally insufficient. Allow to dry completely between waterings. If your plant’s leaves start to curl or roll (nature’s way of conserving moisture), it could be an indication of dehydration. This can be corrected by completely submerging your plant in water for approximately 15 minutes; then resume normal watering schedule. Softer, greener-leaved plants will require more frequent watering and a bit less sun than gray or silver-leaved plants.

VENTILATION: Locate your tillandsias in a well-ventilated area as they love fresh moving air. The movement of air dries plants between waterings which helps to avoid any disease due to overwatering.

FERTILIZATION: Use a good quality liquid or water soluble fertilizer with a formulation low in copper (Dr. Earth All Purpose Fertilizer). Normally dilute the suggested dosage to 1/4 strength.

TEMPERATURE: Very tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, most species can withstand near freezing temperatures. Although preferring temperatures in the seventies (Fahrenheit), with increased water, air circulation and shade, they can do quite well in temperatures well into the nineties.

BLOOM: Their blooms are as diverse and beautiful as any in the plant world and can last from a few days to as long as a year in some of the slower growing plants. Color can vary from bright yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, purple, white and many shades in between. A wide variety of plants bloom naturally in late winter through mid-summer.

MOUNTING:  Some suggestions are driftwood, tree limbs, cork, clay pottery, manzanita burl, rocks or stones of any kind. Make sure the media you select does not hold water. If a hole is drilled in wood, make sure the it goes all the way through the wood for quick drainage.


  1. Many people do not water often enough. If your tillandsias are not getting water from Mother Nature or humidity is very low, watering one to two times weekly is necessary for healthy, thriving plants.
  2. Too little light is a common mistake. If your plants are inside, they need to be near a window to receive adequate light. Remember bright light but not direct sun.
  3. Putting them in soil or covering their bases with moss, can keep them too wet and cause them to rot.
  4. Too much fertilizer can burn air plants. With most liquid fertilizers 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. per gallon of water applied once a month will keep your bromeliads healthy.


Protect your plants! There is a risk of frost over the next few days. 

If those warm temperatures had you planting early, you run the risk of having a few nights when the temperatures approach or dip below freezing. If that is the case, we offer the following suggestions:

FrostCover the plants to keep the warmth from the ground in. Drape a sheet of newspaper, a bed sheet, cardboard, plastic sheets or any similar material (the thicker the material, the more protection). Do this in late afternoon for best effect. By dark, much of the soil’s warmth has been lost already. Remove the covers in the morning, once the frost has left. This will prevent the plants from overheating during the day. Windy nights make this more complex, as you need to weight down the covering so it doesn’t blow away in the middle of the night.

Tender vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, the “creepy-crawlies” (squash, pumpkins, etc.) and others may be frost damaged. The same hold true of annuals such as impatiens, begonias, marigolds, etc. Most perennials are relatively untouched by a light frost. One notable exception is hosta, which can sustain leaf damage, but it will only harm the appearance. If we get a hard frost, or a freeze other plants will need to be protected to keep them undamaged until warmer weather.

If you have new plants in above-ground containers: Just pull them into the garage or house for the night. They can go back outside the next day if the danger of frost is over. 

Source – Wenke Greenhouses

Open House 2015

Open House

There will be pop and popcorn, drawings for prizes, and our knowledgeable, helpful & friendly staff are always available to help you.

Trees, shrubs, plants and gifts have been arriving weekly. We’d love to help you with your gardening and landscaping needs, so just ask us for some help.

Your Vision, Our Variety