It’s That Time of Year …

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Thank You for another great year!

We’ve had 30 years of doing business, (first just the landscaping business and then opening the garden retail center in 1996).  Every day we realize we wouldn’t be here without you.

We will be closed for the season beginning Monday, November 2.

You can still get the following:

  1.  Bulk Materials – rock, gravel, mulch, topsoil
  2. Gift Certificates & Cookbooks

Please feel free to call the store (319-851-2161) and leave a message or try Dan’s cell phone (319-533-1663).

Can You Believe It …

… with these incredible discounts things are flying out of here – to your benefit and our delight.50 off per tree shrubs smbulbs 2for1

Justin was so excited about Loretta offering perennials 50%, he decided to put all trees & shrubs 50% as well.

It has been an excellent year despite the Spring starting off with an overabundance of rain and cooler than normal temperatures. Summer was beautiful – no severe drought, plenty of sunshine – providing excellent growing conditions. Despite an extended period without rain, Sept/Oct we were blessed with incredible temperatures.

Your support of Cedar River Garden Center has been greatly appreciated! We come to this time of year where we know we will miss seeing all of our loyal customers and new visitors over the Winter. Did you know – This year we have had more first-time shoppers than ever.

*Thanks for your spreading the word that Cedar River Garden Center is a place where we work to offer you every day low prices and a wide variety of plants and gifts to help create beautiful gardens and landscapes.*

IDepending on weather smIt is that time of year when the weather can change in a moment. We are planning on being open through Sunday, November 1. We will likely close Monday, November 2.

If you need Bulk Materials – rock, gravel, mulch, topsoil – please feel free to call the store (319-851-2161) and leave a message or try Dan’s phone (319-533-1663).

Autumn 2nd spring sm

It’s Fall Sale-abration Time

In appreciation of our loyal customers, Dan has said “Let’s give our customers discounts throughout the Garden Center,” so …

Fall Pricing sm

… Loretta has put ALL PERENNIALS & MUMS 50% OFF

… Justin has put ALL NURSERY STOCK 30% OFF (trees, evergreens, & shrubs) and 50% OFF (dogwoods, fruit trees, hot wings maples, roses, flowering quince & redbuds)

… JoAnn has discounted ALL GIFT STORE ITEMS at 30% OFF. You should also check out the incredible bargains in the Bargain Corner.

Stop in and check out the incredible deals we have for you!!

If you are planting perennials, trees, shrubs or evergreens this time of year make sure you mulch it well to help keep the moisture in and protect the base of the plant. Also remember to water thoroughly before the ground freezes.

All Bulbs – Buy 2 / Get 1 free

bulbs 2for1Advice from The Iowa Gardener “October is the month to buy and plant bulbs. Earlier and they’ll grow too much and be damaged by winter; too late and they might not get well enough established.

The best bulb tip I can offer is to buy quality bulbs. The cheapies at the big box stores just don’t cut it. They’re usually undersized and often won’t bloom well. This is a time to hit the local garden centers. I figure I need to spend at least 50 to 60 cents apiece for the larger bulbs, such as daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths.”

See our tips & hints for Planting Spring Bulbs

It is that time of year when the weather can change in a moment. We are planning on being open through Sunday, November 1. We will likely close Monday, November 2.

If you need Bulk Materials – rock, gravel, mulch, topsoil – please feel free to call the store (319-851-2161) and leave a message or try Dan’s phone (319-533-1663).Depending on weather sm

Sales October 12-18, 2015 & Fall Tips

Perennial Sale 30 smI spoke with Loretta today and she said grasses have been flying out the door this weekend.  There are still many good selections, so come out today for the best selection.

Hydrangea pic 30 smLoretta wants to reminds you:  “You can plantOaks 30 sm shrubs, trees and/or perennials until the ground freezes (and with the incredible weather we’ve had this Fall, that might be a while).  Make sure to put an extra layer of leaves or mulch on the base of the plants as a protective blanket.

Pottery Christmas smJoAnn says she still has some excellent varieties of pottery and bird baths for your gardens and landscaping. Come out while she has them at 30%.  She also has moved some gift items to $1.00!

The Christmas and Fall items have been flying out the door this past week, so make sure you stop out soon to get your gift items.Bulbs BOGO smIt is a great time to plant in this beautiful weather for spring color.Fall Sales - 50 sm






Local Artist, Mel Schappert of Masterpiecerocks in Cedar Rapids has several artistic displays with us at Cedar River Garden Center. _*He is offering them at 20% off this week._*

bf3fb9e6f28f71acd5ef5815df5d7b23Mel offers an alternative to common yard décor and art, he caters to individual likes and tastes. Mel thinks rocks are the perfect decorating technique….. they don’t require water, the deer and rabbits won’t eat them, your dog can’t kill it, drought won’t hurt them, floods won’t yellow them, your family can’t mow them down, and you don’t have to replant them every year.

Masterpiecerocks specializes in the unique and unusual rock and metal items for display or commemoration of a special event or family tree. We mix metal and rock to make a special show piece for you or family or friends. Due to the nature of rock no piece is like another, so each item is truly a one of a kind Masterpiece. We hope you can find what you are looking for at Masterpiecerocks.

The Autumn Leaves are Beginning to Fall

Mow the lDaniels Park (10) smeaves using your mower bag to collect them. The mower finely chops leaves so they take up less space and break down more quickly. Chopped leaves make excellent mulch for perennial beds and raised bed gardens to keep the soil from blowing away. In the early Spring, gently rake or pull off the perennials or work into the garden for additional composted material. With that being said, one your beds are covered, add the additional chopped leaves to your compost piles.

Remember NOT to compost diseased leaves of plants: rose leaves with black spot, hollyhock leaves with rust, and vegetable plants with fungal diseases.

Frost is Coming One of these Days

In order to prolong the growingfrost sm season, you need to pay close
attention to the weather forecast. You can extend your plants by covering them with a sheet or another nonplastic material when frost is predicted. Remember that if you live near the river the temperatures usually drop 3-5 degrees lower than what is predicted at the Cedar Rapids area. Take off the covers in the morning once the sun has warmed the air. Sheets or Frost Blankets allow the water and sunlight to reach the plants.

Autumn rich colors sm

Sales October 5-11, 2015


Pottery 20 aJoAnn has done an outstanding job this year in the variety of pottery we have for sale.  Come and get what you need for next year at
discount prices. (*does not include new Christmas pots.)

Grasses smLoretta LOVES to use perennial grasses and hostas in landscaping and gardens.  The textures, colors, heights and varieties Hosta 30work with so many areas. She has finally marked the grasses 30% off as well as the hostas.

  • 50% – Hibiscus
  • 50% – Vines
  • 50% – Butterfly Bushes
  • 50% – Small Fruits


maples fall smcrabapples sm

Justin wants you to enjoy both spring and fall color by planting your crabapples & maples this week, or ask us and we will plant them for you.

  • 30% Crabapples
  • 30% Maples
  • 50% – Roses
  • 50% – Dogwood
  • 50% – Fruit Trees
  • 50% – Hot Wings


Mums, New Christmas Items & a Quote

mums collageNEW SHIPMENTS OF MUMS ARRIVED THIS MORNING (10/1/15)! They range from $8.99 – $24.99.  The larger mums are in beautiful wooden baskets. Colors–White, Orange, Red, Purple, & Yellow.They are starting to show color and are LOADED with buds.


We came back from Chicago’s Independent Garden Show in August with some fun new Christmas items. Peace poles that Christmas smhave vinyl printed on four sides of the post. Planters that match the Peace poles. Stars and a small nativity that can light up if you wish. A 3 foot nativity that can stay in your yard and put a spot light on it. Corrugated metal words – Joy, Noel. Snowmen and 3-D Christmas trees and more…

The Autumn Wind sm

Tips for Planting Bulbs

Plant spring-bloomers usually in mid to late October – when the weather is consistently cool.Bulbs 1 sm

– Too early and they’ll put out too much new growth

– Too late and they won’t be established before frost

Ensure soil is well-drained. Too much moisture and the bulbs will rot

Plant in full sun. Spring bloomers need lots of light!

Plant in larger holes rather than tiny ones, to help the roots establish

Opt for larger groupings instead of rows – it looks fuller and the color shows offAllium sm

Place bulbs pointed side up and check label for depth

Use bulb booster fertilizer or compost to provide nutrients to your bulbs

Make sure you clean up all the peels once you are done planting as those peels above ground attract critters.

If animals are are digging around your bulbs, you can cut a piece of chicken wire and place it an inch under the soil across the top of all your bulbs. The bulbs will grow through the chicken wire, and the animals will be stopped.Bulbs 2 sm

Each spring, when bulbs are in their prime, take a picture to see where you’d like to plant additional bulbs in the fall.

For a dramatic spring show, layer smaller bulbs such as crocus over bigger bulbs like daffodils and tulips.

Check out the new Easy Bloom Pad® makes planting bulbs easy and bulb pkinspired! With bulbs that are pre-spaced in a biodegradable package, gardeners simply drop the pad in a hole made in the ground or a container and enjoy spring rewards.

Good plants to use in your gardens & landscaping


Ajuga is a creeping evergreen plant which quickly fills in empty areas, smothering out weeds while adding exceptional foliage color and blooms. The flowers may be rose or white, but the most common color is purplish blue. The foliage color ranges from green to bronze to purple.  Ajugas begin blooming in early spring and continue up until mid July with peak blossoms in May and June. Most grow about 6-9” tall. Ajuga tolerates a wide range of soil as long as it is well drained.  Once established, ajuga plants require little care. It is relatively drought tolerant, however, if it is located in the sun, you may need to water it more often.  It is self-seeding, so if you don’t want any unexpected pop-ups, deadheading definitely helps. Redirect runners to the area you want covered or pull the runners.

Lamium collage smLamium is also an excellent ground cover perennial for shady areas, grown largely for its spreading foliage and colorful flowers. Lamium thrives in shade but will grow in sun when provided with moist soil conditions. Different varieties offer a range of flower colors in white, purple and pink and silver- variegated leaves. All have a low-growing, creeping habit that make them widely adapted as ground cover or for mass plantings. It spreads vigorously, but is not invasive. Cut back after flowering to maintain form and appearance. Cut back after the first flush of bloom to maintain a compact growth habit.

Ornamental Pear collage smOrnamental Pear Trees are known for their very beautiful spring flowers and relatively easy maintenance. They don’t bear fruit and have attractive fall foliage. Ornamental pears are hardier than fruiting pear trees.  They like full sun and moist, well-drained soil. They can tolerate clay soil as long as it is well drained. They also like slightly acidic soil. If your soil is too alkaline, add sulfur (1# to every 30 sq. ft.)

rose of Sharon - Hibiscus smRose Of Sharon (Hibiscus Bush) have colorful, showy flowers appear in summer in shades of white, red, pink and purple on the Rose of Sharon bush. They are an easy and effective way to add long lasting summer color with little fuss. The large, showy flowers attract birds, butterflies and other useful pollinators. They are easy to care for and may thrive with neglect. Make sure you take care to prune them for shape. When planting Rose of Sharon in the landscape, consider that it may reseed abundantly. Prepare to remove additional plants appearing in unwanted areas. Flowers grow on the current year’s growth; early pruning before buds develop can keep the growing Rose of Sharon in top form and keep the tree-like shrub in bounds.